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The North Face VE-25 Review

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Melissa, 0/0/00 User Rating:  N/A
"The VE-25 is the greatest tent that I've ever encountered. My test
for it was a 30 day backpacking expedition in the Talkeetnas
mountains of Alaska. Spring in Alaska is synonymous with rain
and cold but I have never been dryer or warmer in a tent. No
matter how hard the wind blows, the VE-25 stays put with
minimal tie downs and no matter how hard it rains, you stay dry
even on the bottom. With two vestibules it makes life a lot easier
when taking off wet boots and cagoules. I bought the tent as soon
as I returned from Alaska and have been doing short trips in the
Cascades and Blue mountains of Washington and Oregon since
then. I couldn't be happier with the tent's performance. Little VE
and I share many happy, dry memories."


TwoHawks/VA, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"Have worn out 2 ve-24's (from hard use!) and now own a VE-25. It is the strongest tent I have seen. Have experienced 55mph winds with blowing snow and the tent simply flexed without concern. Wish the had it in something other than yellow tho the color brightens things if you're hold up due to weather. Its heavey..but if you want expedition grade durablity and reliability...this is the tent to have. Check out the movie "Vertical Limit" ...its full of them as I recall."


DavidH, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"I've used a VE-25 for about 12 - 15 years. Once spent 3 days in a winter storm on Long's Peak with winds > 70 mph. The tent flexed but held its ground. Incredibly strong! Three men comfortably fit in the tent and I'm 6'5".

I've also used this tent in the cold, wet Appalachians and I've never had a moisture problem.

Sets up quick and easy even in the wind.

It is heavy, about 11 lbs, and it doesn't pack down very small, but if you need an expedition quality tent, this tent has proven itself worth the weight."


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