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The North Face Renegade Review

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Barry, 0/0/00 User Rating:  N/A
"This pack is worth the money. I've used
many other packs before, but none of them
were as well thought out as this one! The pack
is very comfortable to wear, lots of padding and
support. The storage space is well designed. Smaller
side wing pockets are handy for water bottles, or maps.Two large external pockets on the back of the pack
provide additional storage space for raingear, water filters, flashlights, etc(stuff you use
most often). The internal storage space divider has been desinged with a nifty touch, there are
two slots on either side of the divider that allow for skis to be internally carried; great idea! The bumb pack
is very comfortable to wear and has a key clip and an inner zippered pocket for storing money and small
valuable items. This pack is so well designed that I can fit everything I need for a weeks hike and still
have 20 litres of optional space to use. My sleeping bag,3 man tent,gear, stove, cooking wear, clothes all fit inside; with lots
of space leftover for any larger items. I recommend this pack for anyone who goes on longer extended hikes(5-10days or more) or those shorter hikes(it
has lots of compression straps to collapsed unused space)."


JLH, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"I love this internal frame pack. It has a full plastic back stiffner, is adjustable to a fault, and has more pockets than just about any internal pack out there including the Dana Line.Its made out of a material The North Face calls iron fiber "very tough".It will haul a ton of stuff, mine expands out to about 6250 cubic inches in large. It's tall when over stuffed, but very stable. The main bag is narrow, and my own preferance would be to make it wider and expand it out to a deeper and larger main bag. Never the less it is probably the most under rated pack ever made! The well padded belt will never collapse under a load, but you may! Sadley The North Face no longer makes this pack, so look for one on e bay. If you find one, you may find that Renegade owners want more for thier used Rengades than similiar packs. A testament to the design and construction of this classic pack.The North face needs to bring the Renegade back, because I want one made out of 210 rip stop nylon, red and black in color, with a wider and larger main pack compartment. I don't want to spend more than $250 though I may consider spending up to $300. Equiped with a belt and straps made out of Zypher foam would make it worth this price for sure!Is anyone at The North Face listening?"


John Easton, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"A very well designed pack. The only downside is the weak mesh material used for the two canteen holders and the lack of a means of securing the canteens (I have sewn on some velcro straps to prevent further loss of canteens from these pockets). I have been looking to replace this pack recently as I would like a little more volume for extended solo trips, but have decided against buying something new. No other high volume packs on the market (Dana, Osprey, etc) are anywhere nearly as well engineered. The biggest factor is the lumbar/lid portion. The Renegade has fastex clips for all attachment points, which allows for quick attachment/detachment, a means of securing the upper portion of your pack when the lumbar section is off by attaching the front side connecting straps to the backside lumbar attachment points (great for plane or bus trips to the trailhead when the lumbar is used for a carry-on), and a means for lashing additional gear to the outside of the lumbar pack (like jackets). No other pack manufacturers seem to have caught on to this simple design idea in the 7 years since I purchased my Renegade. Also very handy are the side compression straps, both for turning your pack into a smaller volume summit-type pack and for lashing additional gear to the outside of the pack. I really hope the North Face will come out with a 7000 cubic inch pack incorporating all of these great Renegade design items."


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