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The North Face Lunar Light Review

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Nick, 0/0/00 User Rating:  N/A
"Easy to setup, light weight, free standing, life time warranty, other
nice stuff"


, 0/0/00 User Rating:  N/A
"Versatile, lightweight, well-crafted three-pole tent highly suitable for three-season backpacking. Pack weight is a little over 5#; floor area is 27 ft^2, a little tight for two people unless you know each other pretty well, tent is tall enough at door end to sit up. Tent has a "quick-pitch" feature which expedites setup under all conditions. The rain fly provides approximately 6 ft^2 of vestibule area for cooking, boot/pack stowage, etc. Tent ventilates well due to mesh panels along both sides; tent is structurally strong enough to take moderate snow loads; always dry. The North Face makes a good tent. Recommended."


Warren Long, 0/0/00 User Rating:  N/A
"Bought this tent about 3 years ago because it was the smallest, lightest free-standing tent I could find. It still seems to have this honour. I have been out looking at new tents, and even the ones that claim to be as light (e.g. SierraDesign Orion CD) are over a pound heavier. I went around a bunch of stores with my fish weighing scale and weighed lots of tents, in their bag, with a minimum number of stakes. Nothing comes close to the Lunar Light.

However, this does not come for free. I am 5 ft. 6, my wife a little less, and we just barely fit in the tent. It is SHORT!

That said, we are very happy with it. We have spent maybe 6 weeks in it: 2 weeks in England (rain and heat wave), 2 weeks in California (dry heat wave) and canoeing up north in Canada (bugs, heat, cold and thunderstorms). A friend took it sea-kayaking around Vacouver island, and it withstood the pounding heavy rain without any leaks.

Roll back the fly and any breeze blows though it. Batten it down to the ground and it takes 35 mph winds and rain (been there, granted it flexed and dipped on some of the huge gusts, but we stayed dry.

Summary: very light, for short people, great tent."


Canis Lunis, 0/0/00 User Rating:  N/A
"I bought my TNF Lunar Light over four years ago and I'm still plenty happy with it. It's strong, wind and rain proof, lightweight, and well ventillated. And additional plus is that it has the NHP (No Hitch Pitch) system that keeps the rings on the poles when the tent is broken down and carried. It makes for a quick and simple tent setup -- easily under a minute. That's extra important if you're like me and end up setting up camp after the sun has gone down. The only downside would be that it's really best for medium sized people. I'm 5'9" and I rarely feel cramped. But someone 6' or over might not be so comfortable.

If you can get your hands on one and you're not a huge person, I don't think you'd go wrong to get the TNF Lunar Light. I'd buy another if mine weren't still in great condition."


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