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The North Face Slickrock Review

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mtmikey, 0/0/00 User Rating:  N/A
"very nice 3-season structure, ventilates well, super light at around 4.5 lbs. about the same floorspace as my bibler eldorado, so it's a little small, but workable. the batwing half-fly (half the tent is mesh, the fly covers that half) works fairly well, pitches very quickly, though there's not much vestibule space due to the design. if it rains hard you'll probably get a little splashback off the ground and throught the mesh unless you pitch the fly very low. be sure to seam-grip the thing! very happy with mine."


Stikmon, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"This tent has been out in torrential downpours and has performed well. The weight is 4/5 lbs and is freestanding, all except for a few fly points. Ventillation is surberp. There has been condensation on the inside of the single wall portion, but this has only occured during very humid condiditions and when I forgot to open the vent. There is plenty of room inside for me, my pack and my dog, although, when all 3 of us are inside, it is a little cramped, but managable.

The one thing that I wish was integrated, is a full rainfly cover. the half fly is great, but having the option of which fly to use depending upon the weather or climate, would make this tent very flexible."


Evalani H., 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"When I first set it up it seemed a bit flimsy due to one side being just mesh covered by a half fly. Had it out in high wind conditions at 10000 feet and it worked very well. Once in a rainstorm I wished I had positioned the tent better. Was concerned the rain would get in but miraculously it did not. At 4lbs 6oz it's great to take on backpacking trips. I'd even take it on longer ones now that I have more confidence in the design. It's supposed to be a two person tent, but that's pretty tight quarters. Perfect size for myself and my pack, though."


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