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The North Face Blaze Polarguard 3D 20 degree Review

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Jake Duncan, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"I like this bag because it is very lightweight and can be packed into a small stuff bag. Also because of the synthetic fill, it kept me dry and warm when caught in a rain shower during the night without a tent this past spring. I also like the feel of the inside and it is comfortable for a mummy style bag. The only negative is that I wish it came with a compression bag instead of a standard stuff sack so it could be packed even smaller."


Daniel Holland, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"I took this bag for 5 days on the Ozark Trail towards the end of winter. DEFINALTY keeps you warm. The stuff sack is decent, but you will have to cram it into the compartment a little. A compression sack would be nice. Great bag though!"


Jeremy Price, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"I have used this bag about a dozen times with no problems. I have used it down into the lower 20's. I purchased a Granite Gear medium sized compression sack and it works great for this bag. I have used the Blaze in tents, under the stars, in snow, etc and I don't have any significant complaints, other than a 20 degree rating is for survival rather than comfort. I am cold-blooded by nature, and I feel this bags "comfort rating" is probably in the upper 20's.

Note: I was always taught to maximize the potential heat retention of your bag is to make sure you use a ground pad (i.e. Thermarest), eat a full meal before bed, wear warm insulated clothes including socks and a toboggan. Additionally, only compress your bag while on trips, when at home, hang the bag up or put it into a large stuff sack where the bag is in no way compressed. When compressing the bag place the "feet end" into the compression sack first."


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