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The North Face Superlight Review

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Bill Porter, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"OK, mine isn't the current, latest edition. I bought it mail order in 1975 for around $100 (incl. special discount for bulk order) when I was equipment manager of an outing club in college. Now the same model (long) costs around $250-270. Excellent insulation for the weight (3 lb 8 oz mine, a few more oz for the current one). If I ever lost this one somehow, I'd go right out and buy another. This is the only down bag I've had, and until 2 years ago, the only sleeping bag period. I can't begin to estimate the number of nights I've used it and it seems as good as new. Mine was rated +10 F but in subzero weather (with clothes on) I found it entirely adequate. Newer version with diamond baffling is rated to 0 F so it is probably all the bag you'd need south of Alaska. Great loft, narrow with just enough room (I'm fairly lean). Stuffs beautifully into a very small sack, although I carry a larger one too in case I haven't had time to air it out as much as I wanted. In rather warm weather it's been fine using the zipper for thermal regulation. The only drawbacks: (1) The zipper sometimes jams, but the newer version uses stiffer fabric baffles so it might swallow nylon less often. (2) The fabric doesn't block condensation at all - but newer version has improved treatment. Suggestion: I'm 6 ft tall but recommend the long version for anyone close to that height because the foot section is great for wet boots, socks and clothes in a plastic bag, to keep from freezing overnight."


stefanshootman, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"I got this bag for my wife , so last weekend I thought I would try it out , I think Im in love , this is a 0 rated bag ,but I was very comfortable in it and slept like a.( well you know), even in the souhtwest during a warm santa anna .not to mention the marauding local raccoon ,I am starting to really like this stuff North Face is putting out,the only thing is that when I went to pack up there was a small amount of feathers in the tent , leakage from the bag? or am I sleep walking?"


legeag1, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"Like Bill, above, I have the older version, though slightly newer than Bill's: I got mine in 1977. Without a doubt, the longevity and quality of this bag should make it attractive. It has been from Canada to Mexico and all over the US and has never failed me. I don't know if TNF still manufadctures to the quality they did nearly 30 years ago; if so, this is a great bag."


Rich Taber, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"I bought one in 1971, from EMS in downtown Boston. I still use it to this day. I have always liked it and used it quite a bit in the woods with the National Guard when we were out in the field. I have other bags that are somewhat roomier, but tradition keeps me using my Superlight"


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