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The North Face Snowshoe 3D (0 degree) Review

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Jesse Bradman, 12/12/07 User Rating: 
"Overall: BAD. I have had this bag since 2002. I go out approx 11 days a year with it, sleep with capilene top/bottoms, don't store it stuffed at home. there is no loft at this point (2007) to speak of and it does NOT get close to keeping me warm in the CA Sierra range, elevations roughly 8000 to 11,000 feet. One of my worst sleeping bag purchases and I have been hiking in the Sierras most every year (1000s of miles total) for over 30 years."


Mark Williams, 0/0/00 User Rating:  N/A
"I am a cold sleeper. No, I'm usually the coldest person no matter what I'm doing. I definitely could not sleep without clothes on in this bag if it were 0F degrees. In fact, it only got down to about 15, and I woke up cold even though I had on two layers of clothes. I also was in a dome tent (high enough for me to sit up in and stretch my arms above me), which I hear is bad for cold weather. The next night, it only got down to about 30, and I woke up too hot with the two layers on clothes. It's a very comfortable bag, but I'm just a cold sleeper."


Daniel in Augusta, Ga, 0/0/00 User Rating:  N/A
"Good bag, kinda hard to get the last few inches of zipper up, but worth it for the warmth. Additionally I am 5'8" and 180 lbs (stocky) and I was able to roll over in the bag. I have been very pleased with this bag. Doesn't pack as tight as others but I use a compresson stuff bag."


sam, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"i haven't yet experienced 0 degrees in the bag, however it kept me warm enough in the low teens that i was able to take my head out and loosen the collar.it does pack a little large, but that seems to come with the territory with such a low degree bag, and as mentioned above the zipper is a little difficult. overall this is a great bag."


Robert M.Daubert, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"This year (2005),I have used The North Face 0 degree Snowshoe (Long) in a variety of climates and conditions. In March, on the Inca Trail, Peru, it was great at 13,000 plus ft. but a little too warm in the Jungle at lower elevations (obvious, but who wants to carry more than one bag!)-just sleep with it unzipped. In November and early December, it functioned extremely well on the Classic Annapurna Trek in Nepal where it kept me warm in unheated stone rooms when the tempurature did get to -18 degrees Celsius or 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Again, it was great at keeping me warm at the higher elevations going over the Thorung-La, but was a little too warm at the lower elevations-see aforesaid. And, just recently, in the last week of December, I slept three nights in TNF Snowshoe on Mt. Whitney, CA, were I was perfectly warm sleeping in it in just lightweight silks as an unsleeved waterbottle froze in the tent. I have a TNF Darkstar that I rarely ever use for the approx. 4lb. Snowshoe seems to cover all but the most extreme cold conditions. Moreover, it fits and is comfortable even though I am 6"-7" tall. It is a great 4 season cold weather all purpose general mountaineering bag.Alhtough, I must mention that I sleep a little warm and my girlfriend who sleeps very cold goes on the same trips but sleeps in a minus 20 degree TNF Tundra with mid-weight long underwear."


Jacky Mathonnat - France, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"I bought 2 Snowshoe (one for me, the other for my wife) about two years ago at "Le Vieux Campeur" in Paris. In brief, we wasted our money. I am not a cold camper and I have slept under tent in winter in Svalbard, in mountains in France, etc. But with this Snowshoe, I get cold and I wake up when the temperature is around 40°F . I used to sleep with a Meadweight Patagonia underwear. So we don't use our Snowshoes any more. I complained to The North Face : no reply !"


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