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The North Face Stratos Review

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Glenn, 0/0/00 User Rating:  N/A
"I took this tent to 12,500 in colorado(Kite lake, mount democrat) That nigh, It felt like I was getting hit by a freight train by gusts of wind that pushed the whole wall of the tent down so far that it was touching my face lying down. I was nervous, but the tent held up very nicely.
I also was in the bottom of the Grand Canyon when a flash rainstorm hit and I was in 3 inches of water. It felt like we were in a waterbed but the floor held up and we were dry. I like this tent! It handles snow well too."


steve emerald!, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"I backpack and climb fouteeners in CO and have several backpacking tents. As I age, weight is critical in backpacking so this tent is not recommended for strenuous hikes, its 10lbs solid. ON the age note, it is really nice for the mornings getting out of the bag and thru the door wihout doing the limbo through a tiny low door-good for children too who tend to use sidewalls for handrails when entering or exiting a low tent. It is however one of the best tents i have used, including my TNF mountain tent. Heres why: large doors for easy entry, enough room to kneel in, plenty of room for gear, inside and out, some of the best ventilation i have experienced, pleasant color, pretty steady for three poles even in high wind-with guy lines it is very steady, but not for altitude in Nepal-bad points: fit of poles is tight, takes a bit of push to get the ends in the grommets, tent never seems to lay perfectly, always a minor twist to some corner-would probably not exist with meticulous care to poles and sleeves-the ones on display always lay flat, perhaps they have stretched. My 11 year old is able to set it up after a tutorial. i actually have carried this thing a couple of miles as a multi day base camp for several peaks out of the same valley. It is advertised for three-not a happy thought but not unrealistic, but then not as much glorious space. bouth it at end of season prices-300-i am pleased-great too for car Jab at TNK tent is supposed to come with reflective guy line (a bit expensive-very nice if you pitch in remote areas and try to find the tent at night-helps keep from tripping over guy lines when answering natures call at night,etc)-had to fight to get it, but they did send it but charged me to ship what was advertised as a feature."


The Gavel, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"I have a 1999 model and this tent has survived many a harrowing night in Alaskan winds of 60 mph and heavy snow. It is going to be hard to replace the tent with something of a like version.
Only drawback is the weight on backpacking. However, if backpacked the weight can be spread between two persons. Specs state 3 person but a little tight with 3. Two and sled dog work fine. Great tent."


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