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The North Face Tek-Tee Review

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Patrick, 0/0/00 User Rating:  N/A
"The North Face Tek-Tee is the best shirt I own. I use it for everything from backpacking to rock climbing. It has underarm gussets to allow unrestricted movement. It also wicks moisture away from your body. It also dries in half the time that cotton takes. The cool picture will also not crack or fade. But what ammazed me with this product is it's duribility. I was mountain biking and hit a patch of sand at high speed. I flew over the handlebars and rammed my shoulder into the ground. Most of my shirts would have busted a couple seems, but I was wearing my Tek-tee, and nothing happened. The thing is, a Mossimo T-shirt will cost about $35. A Tek-tee is $30, and it does more then the cotton Mossimo. Tek-tees are "da bomb""


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