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Kelty Vortex 4 Review

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Ken, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"I own both the Kelty Vortex 2 and Vortex 4. I needed a larger tent and my Vortex 2 had performed so well in several downpours that I naturally opted for the Vortex 4. Like the Vortex 2, the Vortex 4 has the twin vestibules which are great for storing gear in a rainstorm. This tent is just as easy as the Vortex 2 to setup. We survived a three day rainstorm in April 2002 and the only water that got in the Vortex 4 was when we took it down and set it back up. The double "D" doors are great for entering and exiting the tent. We only use the Vortex 4 when we have three or four people that will be in the tent. We split up the various components (tent, rainfly, poles/stakes, groundcover) between us so no one person is left carrying the entire tent. I bought both Kelty's at REI during one of their end of season clearance sales. I always carry a camp towel to wipe the tent down in the mornings and store it at home in a large plastic bin that I purchased from Wal-Mart. I use painters plastic (cut to size) that I bought from Home Depot for the ground cover."


Carol and Darryl, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"My boyfriend and I just a couple of weeks ago had used the Kelty Vortex 4 tent at a campsite nearby where we live
to give it a "test drive".
The day we had set it up,on the radio said the weather was called for rainshowers and lightning in the mountains and deserts.(which is unusual for San Diego County in July). Where we camped we were nowhere near the mountains and deserts.

My boyfriend and I set the tent up (without the "flyboy")the sky was clear that day and some clouds at night. But, later that night we went to sleep, he fell asleep before I did; then I feel asleep soon after that. Then at 1:32am, my boyfriend wakes me up to tell me we need to put the "rainfly" on!!!!!

The rain clouds off in the distance and ligtning with a wind of 5 MPH.

I was a little nervous about this because I never camped in rain and thunderstorm with lightning just rain. My boyfriend had only camped once before but not in these conditions.

I have camped in sunny weather with some rain; an old friend let me sleep in the tent and it sagged, (needless to say I was very disappointed). :-(
Then after my boyfriend had put the "rainfly" on.... (I was holding the flashlight), we go into the tent, zipped up the the tent as well as the "rainfly" well, what can I say, it was incredible!!!!!
The tent kept us and our things dry, not one bit of rain came into our tent?!!!!!
It was our first time using it the Vortex 4.

We were safe and sound; I feel asleep with peace of mind.

I am very impressed and I look forward to using it again on our next trip.

Carol and Darryl
San Diego, CA"


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