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Kelty Canyon Ridge 2 Review

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Dave, 0/0/00 User Rating:  N/A
"This summer I took a Scout
Troop down to the National
Jamboree in Virginia.
The tents that our council
bought were the Canyon-Ridge.
Setting up weas a pain, only
because cheaply crafted
plastic parts broke and shock
cord in the poles blew-out.
Once these marvalous peices
of equipment were set up,
there was no place to hang a
gear loft and some jack-ass
put the vestibule in the back.
When it came to sleeping in
this tent there was no
ventalation, unless you wanted
to roll up the back end of your
fly. However if you do that
you're scrooed if it rains,
although that doesn't really
matter since the seam all
along the ridge pole leaks
like a civ! I must admit, I
didn't do any packing with
this tent, but if it can't
survive site camping than how
will it survive the WILDERNESS!
Unless you're shopping for
someone you don't like, I'd
suggest staying away from the
Kelty Canyon-Ridge 2!"


Mike, 0/0/00 User Rating:  N/A
"I also have a Canyon Ridge 2 and was sorry to hear that Dave (post 8-29-97) had such a bad experience with this tent. I have been using my CR 2 for over two years on a regular basis in the southern NM desert. I have had no problems with the hardware and find the rear vestibule easy to access through the rear window. This arrangement means I don't have to crawl over my junk everytime I enter or leave the tent. I treated my CR 2 with seam sealant when I got it and, while I have not sat through a constant downpour, I have not had any leaking.
Ventilation is about par with any other tent. No matter which way you pitch the windows, the wind will shift so as to produce the faintest of breezes. I will agree with Dave concerning the lack of internal loops for a gear loft or clothes line. The fly gets a little flappy in the wind but I don't know of any that doesn't when the wind is 20+mph all night.
In conclusion, the CR 2 is a good tent for the 119.00 I spent for it. I would not hesitate to buy it again and I am considering buy the CR 4. It has withstood some pretty good blows up on "The Hill" where the only thing between you and Mexico is the mesquite and scrub juniper. I feel that the CR 2 is an excellent tent for the price."


(Nowhere Man) camorris@uscsu., 0/0/00 User Rating:  N/A
"This is a great tent! (Read On...)This model is the same as the old one in that the bathtub floor extends up the sides for about 1ft., where there a horizontal seam about the circumference of the tent. The difference in the new model is that the top and upper L&R sides are entirely a 1-piece mesh construction. The front and back end are nylon. When the fly is on, no mesh is directly exposed. I did not know that this tent would have a mesh top when I purchased it. I had used one of the old Canon Ridge 2's that belonged to a friend. I loved it...This one is just as good in my opinion.
This tent is FAST & EASY TO SET UP.
It's light enough for 2 hikers to carry. And it IS durable.
Each of the A-frames (F&R) are a 1-piece deal because a shock cord runs thouth the 'legs' and the top spreader. This makes it a snap,snap,snap& your poles are ready. I don't see how one could tear this tent up unless there was negligence...there usually is. Anyway, the rear zip-open mesh window is fantastic. I put my boots in there especially when I don't use the big vestibule. Its also pretty aero-dynamic, too. With a rear mini-vestibule that extends down to the ground in combination to the tents wedge-like shape, one can sit in the little sheltered cove in front of the tent and be out of the wind. (Been there & done that...in some substantial wind, too.) Yes, I know there are no gear loft loops...I'm thinking of being industrious and adding some myself instead of whining (not to mention any names, DAVE.) There are sizable pockets on the sides which served me fine. I'm also thinking of making a nylon sheet to attach (with Velcro) over the big mesh panel for really cold nights.
I really like the fact that this is a front-door tent instead of a side-door tent. There's nothing worse than having to crawl over or being crawled over by a partner when nature calls in the middle of the night. Also, the plastic clips are quite tough...you'd have to try hard to do any damage to those. And with the addition of all that mesh, you can stargaze when its warm and dry and still have superior ventilation year-round. This tent rocks...unless you're Dave, who must be an exception. (no hard feelings, pal.)"


bertmorris@mail.ftc-i.net, 0/0/00 User Rating:  N/A
"Y'Know, it really is sad to read about how apparently negligent people are of their gear. (**Not to mention any names: Dave.**) But this isn't about him.
This is about a great quality tent...the Canyon Ridge 2 by Kelty. [This is a LONG review!] Right now, I will say that the NEW CR2's are quite different from the old one's. I bought my CR2 from Campmor after having several good experiences with a friend's well-maintained CR2. I was impressed with the way the rainfly formed a mini-vestibule in the rear of the tent which can be accessed from the inside by unzipping the mesh window (very cool!) The fly also forms a little cove at the entrance of this great tent. (The door is at the front END...I prefer this to side-door tents which leave you having to climb over your tent partner in the middle of the night to go do your business. ) The optional vestibule is nice, & I recommend it. This tent is great in the wind too. Any tent is crappy in the wrong hands, let's face it. But if you angle the rear of a CR2 into the wind (even a constant, high 25-30 mph wind) you can sit in the doorway and enjoy cooking your meal.
One of the cool things about this tent is that it is a highly sturdy, simple setup, modified A-frame. Setup is made simple by the pole design. There are basically 2 separate pole assemblies for the front and rear...and one for the top. Assemble the front's shockcorded poles, then the back...join the 2 with the tent's "spine," and snap the 4 pins into place. Then, all ya have to do is clip the tent to the frame and throw on the fly...tah-dah!
One last thing...I mentioned that the new CR2's are different from the old ones...the body of the new ones, (unlike the old) are all mesh with a solid nylon bathtub floor...the front and back are also solid mesh too. Campmor did not illustrate or print this in their catalog's discription. I was a little ticked off at first when I got the tent...because it wasn't what I expected, but now I really like it. (Superior ventilation, but keeps the wind out.)"


Bryan Campbell, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"I have used my CR2 for over 7 years now and still love it. It's easy setup and take down is nice. I only wish it was lighter."


Steve O, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"I have owned this tent since 1994 and have spent many many nights in it with no real challenges. This tent servived 14 days straight in maine and with stood two gale force wind storms in virginia. All of the plastic hardware is still original. The only problem I have had was not the tents fault, but a club footed camper tripped over my guylines and tore the fly. Kelty has been great in supplying replacements as well. If my B.S. Troop could afford them I would buy them as troop tents... They could be some what lighter."


Mike Bales, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"Had tent for 10 years, with optional vestibule.
Glorified 1 person, tight 2 person tent.
Setup a snap, literally, with shockcorded poles that just want to go together right.
Can also just setup rainfly over poles if it's raining, and put tent up inside where dry.
If not on flat group, but front pointed up, the front overhang becomes a flat catch all rather than shedding snow/rain - didn't leak, but had a good pond going.
Vestibule a little cumbersome to attach, but works and can make tighter after it stretches.
Rub spots on fly where it touches poles have a lot of stitching and leaked after a bit - seam sealer fixed.
When fly bottom is attached to tent correctly, and guided out, airflow remains good and tent walls pull out for better space."


Justin, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"the latest review of this tent are right on. I have spent over 700 nights in this tent from Guatemala to N. Minnesota since 1995. NEVER had one problem. Tent has been "MAYTAGED" in the Eastern Colorado wind. Burined with sand at hurricane prone Yucatan and soaked for days on end in Guatemalan reainforest, but is still sturdy and comfortable to this day (but not water proof anymore). I am about to retire the ol lady so in part this review is an obituary for the CR2 I have but not the memories it helped me create."


Paul, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"I have had a CR2 since 1994 and I camped in it for 6 straight weeks both in 1996 and 1997 while working as a 50 Miler program guide, so with a new location every night it definetly got it's workout. The vestibule was worth the extra money. I highly recommend any product made by Kelty..."


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