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Kelty Quartz 2 Review

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Bill, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"I was very disappointed in this tent. I bought it for several upcoming winter camping trips. It was difficult to put up, I thought the poles would tear the tent fabric, the rain fly did not fit correctly, and the color was hideous! I just returned it. I put it up once inside, and all seemed ok. But then I put it up at night and it was not a fun experience – no matter how much adjusting I did, the rain fly would not attach correctly. I own eight tents – one of which is a Kelty Nirvana (which is an excellent tent), so I was surprised and disappointed at how confounding this one turned out to be. But the kicker came in the morning when the sun came over the trees and hit the tent – what an ugly color!! What could they have been thinking? Do I really want my tent to look like a fluorescent green fire truck?
So I was at REI a day after the tent disaster camping trip and they had a Trango 2 on sale for $309. I bought it and am very happy with it. Sorry Kelty."


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