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Kelty Stratus Review

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Eric, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"I purchased my Stratus bag due to it's light weight for an upcoming backpacking trip. I have used it, to "break it in" for the past two months and couldn't be more pleased. The bang for the buck is wonderful. The bag is of nylon taffeta and poly fill construction. It has loops inside and out for drying (they really work as I found out thanks to my daughter on a recent trip), and a two line cinch system for the hood. The foot box has a small cold spot but then, I'm cold natured in the the foot area anyway, so it could just be me. For lightweight on a budget, this is the one to consider."


Matt, Boulder CO, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"This is a nice lightweight bag and it's a good value. It has Qualofill insulation which is "old school" now compared to Polarguard, but if most of your backpacking/camping is mild 3-season (late spring through early fall) it should be o.k. as long as temps don't go way below freezing. Even below 32F it should be adequate if you're in a tent wearing fleece and a knit cap. It's a lot better than those sleeping bags sold at WalMart but doesn't cost much more than those and will probably last longer too."


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