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Kelty Jetstream 2 Review

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Egyptlake4ever!, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"Overall I think this is a fantastic tent. It is the same design as the Vortex 2, but is beefed up a bit with zippable mesh vents on the two side doors, and comes with a Fly for winter use as well as the summer fly. Weight of the tent is excellent, and the space in the 2 vestabules is extraordinary. I've never had a leak, and I've seen some good storms of rain, snow, and hail, and after owning a Walrus Terramotto for a season, I would spend the extra and go for this tent.(The Terramotto is nice too, but the vestabule is way too small, and I question the construction of the cross member pole, my seams started to come apart...with the right reinfocement, I think this could be solved though) I also feel that the construction is just as good, if not better than a TNF tent. One thing that I found interesting was that the tent stays about 5-7 degrees C warmer inside on cold nights, and I have never come across a tent design that has done that for me before. The only drawback is the price. I got a smokin' deal for under $500 Can. but I've seen the tent for as much as $720 Can. A bit hefty, I agree, but consider what you do get with the tent...a 4 season tent with 2 lids...check the price of a TNF Mountain tent. If you won't use the winter lid, I would recommend the Vortex 2, same design attributes but way less money.
Happy Trails!"


MidgeMan, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"I bought this thing from Sierra Trading Post for an excellent price ($195.00). It retails for $365.00. At first it was kind of a love/hate relationship. Mainly because of the extra effort it takse to set the thing up properly. I've used mine mainly for solo cold (single digits to subzero at times) winter conditions camping (w/the "hardtop") and with the flyboy patches (8), four poles though their sleeves, straps w/ quick release buckles connect the sides of the hardtop to the body, etc. it takes some time and effort to set it up properly. But, once up and staked out this thing is a fortrace. Big vestibules with enough room in each for a persons gear and still room to cook. Some people would probably complain about the venting and condensation but I'll live with that in trade for the warmth of this tent. Condensation was usually on the fly not inside the tent body where you would brush against it. My experience is that a tent that "breathes well" in cold weather breaths cold air and is a cold tent. Tent sheds snow well with one facet on each end that collects a little build up if conditions are right. The hardtop fly has flaps around the inside edge that can be buried or place rocks or equipment on that really seal this thing up, ("tight as a drum" is keltys' term). It's a little heavy compared to some of the high priced tents out there (I've owned a Bibler and a TNF) but for shelter in conditions that could kill you I'd put this one against any (with the hardtop)."


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