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MSR Trekker Tarp Review

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Bill Porter, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"For backpacking in the woods or wooded mountains about half the year or more, this is my idea of an ideal shelter. I got this to replace a simpler tarp that I made. Design is like that of the very old "Whelen Lean-To" but smaller and much lighter. Here's what it is: imagine an a-frame floorless tent set up with two vertical poles at the ends, then imagine the center of each end pulled out and staked so you wouldn't need any guy lines. Then imagine two zippers that allow you to separate one side from the ends and lift it up to form an awning. That's it. You have to be a little careful in laying it out because there's no floor, but it goes up fast. MSR's idea is that you will use trekking poles for support. My idea is, you carry two 3/4 in rubber caps and cut two dead branches to size, using the caps to protect the reinforced pockets at the peaks, then use a couple of other branches to support the awning. MSR's second idea is to suspend the peaks from handy trees or overhanging branches, but this is totally unrealistic - they are never in the right place! The tarp (really a tent) is well made but should have an extra peg loop midway along the back side - I sewed one on. Here's the good and bad: (1) Weight is only about 3 lbs with stakes. (2) When open, it's far less confining than any tent, but can be battened down to withstand a storm when necessary. You have lots of room to move around under the awning and can ride out a day of rain without going crazy. (3) You have a great view and get to enjoy unexpected pleasures like a bunch of deer snorting at you in the early morning, wondering what that blue cocoon is. (4) It is cool and never stuffy in warm weather. (5) It is relatively cheap. Now here's the possible negatives: (1) It's not bug proof (not an issue for me unless I'm in serious mosquito and blackfly country). (2) There's no floor (so what, I always carry a ground sheet anyway, and if that gets wet it's easier to dump out and wipe off). (3) It offers no privacy (I seldom care)."


Daniel G, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"I have had the Trekker Tarp (I bought it when it was Walrus) for three or so years. This tent/tarp rocks. There is a bug mesh insert that you can put in it. I agree with the other poster but instead of sewing a tie out on the mid point of the long side I sent it back to Walrus and they did it for free.
Here is the down and dirty. Yes there is no floor *unless you use the bug mesh. The room inside has allowed me to share with another hiker, we were able to store us, our gear, my retriever (Chesapeake Bay) and cook under the awning. I used it solo on a trip with the bug liner during a DRIVING RAINSTORM. I am talking of 25 tents everyone but MOI was soaked. I was able to get up in the morning get everything in my pack (except for the tarp)without getting wet.
As for privacy, never been a problem."


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