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MSR Whisperlight International Review

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Kevin Gestrich, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"some tricks folks will love to know of-barely pumping up the stove,and with less fuel/more air in the bottle,will enable very fine simmer/idle flame.....i use rubbing alcohol from a cheap drugstore to prime;50%-99.9% ,depending on temps. outside....to eliminate almost all sooting ,as soon as you shut off the stove ,pour a stream of water over the bottom of the stove: the round screw-on disc,and/or the burner parts,as well-better turned upside down.This also eliminate fuel stench and saves a bit of fuel;as well as cooling down quicker/pack away NOW!I sometimes place my stove inside a frying pan that fits,to make more stable and a bit of windscreen-you can fit the windscreen into or outside of the pan(may need to cut slots in screen for fuel line and/or panhandles.........)I also make my own screens out of aluminum flashing,which is a bit thicker,much cheaper, andmost durable-i use an old style metal springclip to secure screen to wanted diameters of pan used.....this stove wants a bottom screen as well to save fuel!!!!!!!Why carry extra fuel.to waste it?A small piece of alum.foil can lighten up overall loads...Put lid on pot,even if foil ,to further save on boiltimes.....medical uses include sterilization(its hot!),one may also solder with this heat-what can 6 inches of rosin core solder weigh?Another trick i share is to put a needle inside the tweezers of your swiss army knife!Splinters will be out cleanly with a needle,sharp small blade(save for surgical use only) and the tweezers......have fun and try not to invite search and rescue-they have better things to do than look for you, or a fire!"


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