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MSR Hubba Review

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John Allen, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"I have owned this tent for about six months. It is very light (3lbs) and very water proof. It also has a large vestible to store your gear.

The only complaints that I have would be that it is small inside. You really have room for you to lay down and thats it. Also, the rain fly doesn't go all the way to the ground which leaves room for a breaze to come in the tent.

If you want a freestanding msr tent I would just get the Hubba hubba, after all it's just another pound."


Eric, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"Solid tent. I've used it in the Sierras during the winter, even though I think it's not really supposed to be a four season tent. It's light as hell, easy to pitch (although I recommend practicing at home first) with its single pole, and the rain fly is fine. In regards to the other review knocking it for being small, of course it's small. It's an ultralight free standing tent; it's going to be small. If you want a tent to hang out in all day, this is not your tent. If you're debating between a tarp, bivy sack, or a tent, then this is the tent for you. It works like a charm, and yes... you can even sit up in it. But don't be fooled; this is an ultralight tent. I got the footprint as well; highly recommended."


Frank, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"I have used this tent in the snow up on Mt San Jacinto and was very well pleased with it. I used somw snow anchors to tie it down and it did great. Due to ventilation, it was very cold on the inside but my sleeping bag kept me warm. I recomend this tent to anyone looking for a light weight alternative to a bivy sack. The extra pound is worth the comfort and vestibule this tent provides."


B Hewett, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"I used this tent to hike the Georgia section of the AT. It is very light and easy to set up. The only complaints I have is the rainfly does not go down far enough, and it does not like high winds. I used it in about 4 inches of snow and the wind blew the snow under the fly where it hit the mesh and caused a constant shower mist on me all night. I know this tent is not made for this type of weather, so I can't complain too much. I am over-all pleased with it and plan on using it again."


Andy, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"this is the tent if you want a freestanding solo tent. i am 6'2" and i have had no problems with it being to small. if i had to complain about something it would about msr not breaking the three pound mark."


Brooklyn Ranger, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"I just picked the hubba up at Campmor Saturday and took it with me in sheets of rain up on a section of the AT at Harriman state park in NY. Incredibly easy to set up, although I had to bail out the pools of water that accumulated inside during setup. The rain fly worked beautifully, it was seriously raining for 10 hours. Some of the corner stitch point were slowly leaking, but I was warm and dry, only some small wet points in the corners. I pitched the rainfly to a tree and a bush with nylon rope instead of the stakes and this proved a good choice in high winds. The vestabule is nice, hardly "spacious" as described in another review, but ample for gear. The zipper of the rainfly is a little difficult to get to in rain because I needed to lean out of the tent onto my wet tarp to get to it, but that's not really a complaint, mor eof an observation. I'm going to seal the stitching and get the footprint. Great tent, super light, very dry even in strom-like conditions. The rain couldn't have been coming down harder and I was warm and dry. At a little over three pounds, a sweet solo backpacking tent. For winter though, maybe with a bivy inside but the entire tent is mesh under the fly, hardly protection from wind or snow. I did run a line through loops int he ceiling and used my or rainhat as a little sack for my essentials, knife, light, etc. and hung some clothes to dry up there which the loops on the ceiling prove useful for.

What would be amazing is if MSR came out with a winter fly that covers the sides and protects from wind and snow.

I give it a 4 because a perfect rating would require some perks, such as sealed stitching, and an easy to reach fly zipper in storm weather. Maybe a few extra pockets on the inside."


Rocky, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"I'm 6'3" @ 230.
This is the 1st tent I've purchased. Went camping 10-07-05 for 2 nights in Red River Gorge. Rained on me 2 nights, and I stayed dry both nights. Very easy to setup, and supper light. I was concerned that the my sleeping bag would absorb moisture from touching the sides, but the ventilation is terrific, no moisture formed inside the tent, just on the fly. The does not touch the tent anywhere. The single pole construction is great."


B'z, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"Its a 10! This tent is far and away the best solo tent you can buy. 3lbs to keep you dry, bug free, and snug; smashing! As long as you have a decent bag and a good sleeping mat you can take this tent into "southern" winter condition: light snow and whatever temps your bag is rated.

This tent does everything it is designed to, no downsides!

Bottom line: A must own for anyone who likes to fly solo or leads others and doesn't want to bunk with'em! BRAVO MSR"


NickG, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"Excellent tent! Extremely light, very airy, and a snap to set up. I'm 6'5", and fit in it perfectly. The almost vertical mesh walls allow me to sit up and get dressed easily, and they ventilate very well. It's also cool to be able to see 360 degrees outside your tent. The vestibule is big enough for my big expedition pack and boots with room to spare. You can even pitch it without having to stake it down. Overall a very well-designed tent. (I have not had it out in nasty weather yet, but I like the fact that the fly comes to within 3" of the ground.)"


Andy Morikawa, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"Hiked into the Grand Canyon December just before Christmas, overnighting at Bright Angel campground and on the climb out at Indian Garden. The Hubba was a delight to use; very fast and easy to set up. The design and execution are so good, that I felt inspired using the tent. Fellow backpackers watched me set the tent up in just a few minutes while they spent much more time getting theirs up. "What kind of tent is that?" they asked. Inside the tent is roomy with plenty of space for a full length Therma-Rest. Moisture accumulated on the inside of the fly (temps got into the teens F.), but no dripping or wetness whatsoever inside the tent. The Hubba is a sweet, well made piece of equipment. I will probably buy the Hubba Hubba for when my wife and I go camping. MSR has done another great job."


Sherpajeff, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"I just purchased and I want to thank all that have submitted a review..very helpful. Interesting that many people are using this tent in winter conditions..something it was definitely not designed for. I also have the Ventanna and it has the same issue with the fly not going lower...definitely a small issue on hard packed site during heavy rain..some spray."


Nick, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"Hands down, the best tent I've ever owned. Have been using it off and on for 2 years (took time to try other shelters) but have always gone back to it.

It is incredibly waterproof, windproof, etc. Very roomy. It's taken me from the Smokies to the Rockies and all over Alaska, and it has always been reliable.

I can't say that I would change anything about this tent."


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