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MSR WindPro Review

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Andrew Woodard, BEAR SR-489, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"I am not only a Scout Leader, I train other Adult Leaders in outdoor skills. The MSR WindPro is the best canister fuel stoves I have ever seen. Light weight, stable and reliable, it is an excellent backpacking stove. In addition to the stove and a nice carry bag, it includes reflective metal wind/heat shields. I already owned several stoves but bought one of these as I was so impressed, and I've enjoyed using it. It's also the most borrowed stove of all I own. The only drawback would be the non-refillable fuel canisters, but it is a top-of-the-line stove. Kudos to MSR!"


LQ, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"I am a Counselor for a summer backpaking camp in the adirondacks. I bought this stove because the price was right and the canasters seemed simpler. I wish they were refilable but are much easier to use than the old wisperlights stoves i had used when i was a camper. This stove is just as light and is much easyer to light. As the name emplies it is great in the wind and also the rain. I suggest this stove to any groups of two or more people. It is a bit much for one person. Another weakness is its fuel. I am always worried about runing out of gas on a trip. The canisters do come in different sizes and i often carry an extra small one. MSR got it right with this stove!"


Tom Stove, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"There are not negatives. With isobutane (Primus cold weather blend), it'll work in very cold weather. No priming, just instant flame. With the windscreen, it boils more quickly than rated. I do predict that this stove will go a long way toward making liquid fuel stoves obsolete save for extreme conditions."


Simon Gilchrist, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"I've used cannister stoves in the past but always felt that they were unstable and harder to really cook with than they should be. If all you do is boil water or heat up rehydrated foods this might not be a big deal but if you actually cook something it is. The fact that this stove sits on the ground away from the cannister is a huge advantage. I no longer have to worry about the stove tipping over while I'm flipping pancakes. Also, because it is a cannister stove, it is easy to control the flame, again a big plus.
Finally, the wind screens really improve cooking performance without adding weight (again, one can't use windscreens with conventional cannister stoves). The stove (not including cannister) is double the weight of other cannister stoves, but honestly, we are talking about an extra 3 oz, and the firmer base and wider potholders are worth it. Cannisters have the usual issues (non-refillable etc..) but I suspect they really are a better choice for 90% of the backpackers and campers out there (I seriously considered the MSR Simmerlite but decided I didn't want to deal with liquid fuel, pumping and priming etc, and after talking to people at EMS, and reading reviews began to question whether it really can simmer). Bottom line: the best cannister stove out there, and a great stove all around."


Greg, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"I bought this stove over a few others because it was 'maintenance-free'. I took it on an eight day hike where it performed flawlessly until day six, when it decided it would no longer boil water, and in fact barely stay lit. This was disappointing to say the least. MSR will replace it without hesistation though I wonder if I really want another one after no morning coffee for the last three days of my hike. My confidence in MSR is a bit shaken, however I think I will be replacing this with another MSR stove. The fuel makes life twice as easy compared to others, just screw it on and off you go, no pumping (yay)."


mac the great, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"this stove is an excellent piece of gear for the solo hiker or groups. Though I personally see the greatest asset for this stove as it's greatest bane as well... The fuel canister. It is EXCELLENT for almost all backpacking, but it doesnt work in colder conditions. so keep it warm. Also, it is an inconvenience to find replacement fuel canisters along the trail, or to mail them(to thru- hikers). If your hiking a long distance trail, I would highly recommend its white gas counter part, the simmer lite, because you can replace its fuel just about ANYWHERE."


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