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Coleman Canyon 32 Review

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Matt, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"WOW! Is this bag compact. I do a lot of hiking in the Olympic National Forest and Cascade. I have a heavy bag for super-low temps. But I didn't have a bag for moderate to low temps. I looked all over for a bag that was; about two pounds; had a temp rating of at least 32; and would be compact when stuffed. I looked on-line for weeks. I read the description of just about every bag on the market, and this has to be the smallest bag out there. It is less than 1/2 the size of my other bag AND has the same temp rating. If you're ready to go LITE, you've gotta' look at these bags. Here's a tip, get a sleeping pad. This will keep our bag off the ground and give you about 10 extra degrees below your bag's temp rating."


Goodwill Bill, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"Very small stuff with built in compression stuff sack. Have used to 20 degrees with long underwear and jacket. Really reduced my pack size and has great temperature range. What a steal for $75. Got my total weight to 18 lbs with food and water for the weekend and 25 for 6 days."


Billy Hewett, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"Lightweight, small, compact, I love this bag. Only drawback to me is it seems to be a little on the cold side. It is rated for 32 degrees, but I feel comfortable around 38+. I use it for spring, summer, and early fall. Also you can't go wrong with the price, around 75.00."


Dustin Driver, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"I just got this bag for a trip to Zion NP in Utah. I camped in a tent, on an air matrress. It was about 38 degrees at night. To keep warm, I had to wear a T-shirt, a pullover hoodie, jeans and wool socks. The bag is small, sure, but it's not warm. Not at all. Look into getting a down bag."


Madison, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"I just got back from a weekend trip on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. Temps in the mid-to-upper 30's. I had no problem keeping warm with just long underwear and a pair of cotton socks. Like one of the other reviewers, I also use a sleeping pad for insulation from the ground. It makes a big difference."


Tim, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"I have used this sleeping bag six times at Big Bend National Park. On three occasions the temp dropped below 32 degrees (twice into the lower twenties). With long underware and wool socks I had no problem staying warm. I prefer a wool stocking cap - over the head gear on the bag, but it just offers me more freedom. The bag packs light and easy. I wouldn't consider using any bag without a pad, so I can't comment on insulation from the ground.

Overall I feel - for the price $70.00 - 80.00, this is a very sufficient sleeping bag"


Rich, Huntsville, AL, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"I got this bag at a Boy Scout event where Coleman was selling their equipment at "outlet prices". I camp mainly in the southeastern US with a sleeping pad, so this bag is sufficient 99% of the time. The coldest I have used the bag is 34 degrees, and I was cool in cotton sweat pants and socks. The bag is probably best used at 40 or above, but a 2 lb. 11 oz. bag for $37.50 that's good to 40 degrees is still a great bargain."


Bill- Lenexa, Ks, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"I got this bag 3 years ago for climbing fourteeners because its lightweight and compact. On every occation it snowed and sleeted on me,and was definitly below freezing. However,the bag still kept me warm. All I wear when I sleep is a pair of lightweight G.I. polypros and that has done the trick. It is a great product for the price!"


thatgrittyguy, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"I got this bag a few years ago at academy sports. They sell it under the company name of Magellan. Academy does that with a lot of their products. Basically, if you get it from them (not sure if you still can or not) you will only pay half of the price. I think it was around $35.

I bought it because it's light and very compact. I don't have a need for a very cold bag since I live in Tennessee and do most of my backpacking there. For times when I know it will be very cold, I throw a light fleece blanket into it. The fleece is about as big as the bag itself but adds a whole lot of warmth.

This bag takes a while to warm up but that's true of just about any synthetic bag.

Bottomline: wear some polypro and use a sleeping pad and this bag will be a dream come true."


Jay, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"The number one problem I have with this bag is the shell. It may have enough filling to rate 32 degrees when the bag is protected but any wind cuts right through it, sucking all the warmth away. Yes, I often sleep in the open, no tent, or in a Hennesy Hammock. It doesn't work well in the hammock either. In Big Bend ended up wrapping my poncho and space blanket around me also and it was in the high 30s. I'd rate this at no better than a spring/summer bag."


thatgrittyguy, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"I got this bag a few years ago at academy sports. They sell it under their brandname(magellan) for only about 30 dollars. It's a steal for that price. I don't think they still sell it but you can try.

I love this bag because of how compact it stores and how light it is. Warmth is another story though. I wouldn't want to use it around 32 degrees with just the bag and a pad. You will want a baselayer on to keep you warm. I also have a very small blanket in it to make it really warm.

Great sleeping bag at any price"


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