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Lowe Alpine Flash Jacket Review

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Nathan Carey, 0/0/00 User Rating:  N/A
"I was immediately impressed by this jackets durable design, yet supple feel. I have used it for up to a month straight, in temperatures ranging from sprinkling rain, to full on blizzards, and hail storms, and have yet to feel a drop. Not only that but the Tripple Point fabric breathes better than my Gore-tex parka, (which I sold shortly after using this one.) The jacket has survived numerous snags, self-arrests, and one off kilter swing of an ice axe, and it has yet to show a single snag, or tear. The only time I have overheated in this sucker is on a 60-degree rainy day, and my partner and I did 10 miles in two and half-hours."


Alexander Cowan, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"This is a pretty tough jacket, but it's rather warm as well. I find that I need to leave the underarm zips open in all but the coldest weather, and even then the jacket's breathability is overloaded quite quickly if I'm working hard.

The hood is advertised as being able to turn with the head very easily, but it only does this if you cinch it down extremely tightly, and then it won't turn far.

Otherwise, this is a very well designed and comfortable jacket."


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