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Walrus Trekker Tarp Review

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Jay Demagall, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"I bought this beauty last year with the mesh insert. It has 100 sq. ft. of space, which allows plenty of space for little weight (tarp 3lbs, insert 1.5 lbs).

Over the past year, I've used it in may conditions. In snow and sleet, it kept me dry, and with some adjustments, it kept the wind out if you pitched the back end toward the gusts. The awning made it easy to cook/watch the storm in this weather as well. In rain, it's especailly nice. Once you set the tarp up, you can get all of your gear out in a dry area, comfortably kneeling.

It's very versitile. Once you learn how to pitch it, there are many variations you can use to optomize the shelter under varying conditions. I've added 4 lightweight bungees which have significantly improved the flexibility of set up.

The only drawback I see thus far is that it needs to be guyed pretty well to be effective. This doesn't bode well in rocky areas, eventhough I have managed to pitch it in rocky areas somewhat effectively.

Overall, this is the most versitile peice of gear I own, and I highly reccomend it. MSR bought out walrus, and is now producing a small version of the shelter (66 sq. ft. as opposed to 100 sq. ft.)."


Jim Meerpohl, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"I own an original Trekker Tarp and have used it from Vermont to New Mexcio, Alabama, Florida, etc. A great piece of versitle, light but functional equipment. If you can tie a taut line hitch and you have pair of walking sticks you can pitch this tarp tight, just about any where and on any surface. The 100 square feet size and dual zippers are so nice in bad weather for both cooking and protection. Too bad MSR has decided to downsize this classic, well thought out piece of gear. I don't think they ever used it before they decided to change it."


John Kulcsar, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"It's a litte awkward to first set up, but once you get the hang of it, it's an easy process. Great ventillation, headroom, view, and overall versatility. (It's a great compromise between a tent, a tarp and and hammock). I love being able to view the outside while sitting up or laying down. (I'm somewhat clausterphobic and hate the confines of a small, tight tent that doesn't have a view) It's a little too spaceous for solo-backpacking, but I'm very pleased with it."


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