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Walrus Rapeede XV Review

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David Fancher, 0/0/00 User Rating:  N/A
"I just purchased the Rapeede XV. I was look for a good 4 season tent that was light and well made. I also wanted a free standing tent. I spent a lot of time putting up and taking down tents at REI (Great place to look for a tent). I also went on line and checked feedback from several different sources. After much thought I settled on the Rapeede. First you can not beet the price or wieght for a true 4 season tent. With the new extra pool the tent is very taught. The rain fly comes covers very well and has a large vestibule that makes cooking and other chores a breeze even in a heavy rain because of its large overhang. I tested this tent against other so called very easy tents I found the Rapeede by far the easiest to pitch. It takes less than a minute to assemble all the poles and another to engage. If the rain fly is left attached on the rear the fly is up in 20 seconds. If the weather is bad hop in and you can survive. The vestibule pole goes in from the inside so it can be attached and set up from inside the shelter. Most others require you to be outside. With practice I believe that anyone could have this tent pitched and ready to ride out a storm in less than 5 minutes. If you skip guying and just want to get out of the rain you could do it in under 2 minutes. The tent when picthed and tied down looks like it could survie huricane winds. Look at the Northface Mountain profile. When pitched they are almost identical. Last I love the new stuff sack (or better to call it a protective wrap). Take down all the poles, fold tent and fly, place external poles and stakes in their bags drop the whole thing on the open wrap. Fold in the sides and roll toward the part of the wrap with the elastic cups. Slip the cups over the roll and buckle and since the straps. The easist thing I have ever seen for putting a tent away. Others should look into this style of storage for tents.

If you do not believe me check out the other comments."


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