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Walrus Arch Rival Review

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Jon, 1/20/08 User Rating: 
"Great tent! Durable and good waterproofing. 3 days of Arkansas rain and we stayed dry! Survived HUGE storm (70+ mph wind gust)on Texas beach and my Arch-Rival and 1 RV were the only things left intact. Condensation is noticeable, vest. is small and free-standing would be great but its still a great lil' tent."


Tery Martinell, 1/1/08 User Rating: 
"This is one weather-proof tent. Have withstood several thunderstorms at high altitude and stayed dry. Condensation is moderate which is normal considering its size. The tent has several options to ventilate well even when in adverse weather. Would only share this unit with my sweetness though as it is tight for two which pays off in light weight for a durable, weather-proof shelter. Not a probem as I am not one to play cards in the wilderness- my tents are primarily for sleeping. I carry ponchos for activities in wet weather. Would buy another if this one would wear out which is unlikely due to its durable construction. Pitching this shelter well takes some practice because of the non-freestanding design, so novices be prepared to gain an eye for suitable sites for taut setup. I always use this stout shelter when entering environments where weather or accidents have the potential for life threatening results. Best value I've ever experienced in a tent."


Bob, 0/0/00 User Rating:  N/A
"What a deal. Camped in a group with a total of 12 tents. We were
the only ones that did not get wet if that counts for anything. I think
this tent is a real value. It's adequate for two large men, and and
only weighs about 5 pounds. Quick to set up. About 3 minutes
with practice. I got mine thru Campmor for about $110. If you
want to pay more try Jesse Brown's, ......No! I don't have stock in
either. Have fun on the trail.

P.S. Try the North Country Trail threw Manistee National Forest,


Steve, 0/0/00 User Rating:  N/A
"You get what you pay for. So the $100 Walrus Arch Rival proved to be a piece of sh___. After buying an Arch Rival my family and friends fought over who got to sleep in our 17 yr. old Sierra Designs Firefly.
The Arch Rival did OK in the rain, but condensation was terrible, it had zero useful space, and it was impossible to maintain a good pitch in windy conditions. With 25 years of backpacking experience, I
could not tolerate this nylon slum. After one season, I returned the Arch Rival to REI, claiming "birth defects". After paying some $$, I traded it for a North Face Cirrus. So far, the North Face promises
to become the favorite tent for family trips and "death marches" with the guys."


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