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Gregory Reality Review

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Mike O, 12/14/07 User Rating: 
"My favorite all-around pack. I take it anywhere from 2 to 7 days (Using it for 7 will reguire careful thought of what not to take.

Great access (top and back) - infinite adjustments - including the ability to mix and match belt sizes, shoulder straps and the pack size itself.

Comfortable, bomb-proof, and functional. I still think this is the best pack made."


Mike O, 11/20/07 User Rating: 
"I now only use two backpacks - both Gregory. This is the pack I use for 3-4 day trips.

This is what I like - many storage options, excellent fit; gregory service great will swith out belts to get fit (i.e. medium pack with XL waist), as I have a short torso; bombproof.

I honestly can't find any serious flaw with this pack, I have had it for years. The only comment I can make, is that it is not an expedition pack - for week long+ plus trips, I take my other Gregory"


Mason, 0/0/00 User Rating:  N/A
"This is actually my wifes pack but we went on a long day hike and
i filled it and wore it. It rode superbly. Hugged the back extremely
well and didn't shift at all. My wife wore it and is extremely
pleased with her choice. The front loading panel is a nice addition
that made getting the polar fleece pullover out while standing was
easy. Nothing beats a Gregory"


, 0/0/00 User Rating:  N/A
"What can I say, Gregory always seems to please me. The Reality is a great lightweight, simple, functional pack for weekends, but it's 3800 cubic inches makes it a great choice for long distance hiking, provided you take only the necessities. My last trip, a 85 mile hike in PA, was a perfect trip to test this pack. Like most Gregorys, it carries weight very well, and the fit is excellent. Four sizes, 3 harnesses, and 3 hipbelts makes this pack fit pretty much anyone with ease. The best part, only $200, which is considerably less than comparable Dana or Arcteryx packs. Check out a Escape series if you can, pretty tough to beat!"


RW, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"Hard to believe a 4350 ci pack with ski loops, compressions straps, wand holders etc, can weigh 5 lbs and still have a good suspension to haul a load. The Reality packs it all into a very comfortable package that can carry enough for week long trips. Enough magazine reviews on comfort have been done over the years so I won't go into it any more but this pack is worth a look if for no other reason than to provide a benchmark against what other packs offer."


thomas, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"Excellent in every category. I've been impressed with this pack's comfort, durability and features. 15+ overnighters and it still looks like new. Gregory service is tops and shipped me new straps and a belt for a super-custom fit. Paid $125 for the pack during a Gregory-authorized markdown at Campmor. I only wish this pack were lighter."


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