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Rokk Minimalist Review

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Roy Hale, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"I bought this tent last fall And have used it for several over night stays it doesn't have a problem with condensatian is a joy on nice summer nights when you can leave the rain fly off and with stood a night of thunder stormsand 40mph winds while keeping me dry and comfortable for less than $100 is a outstanding tent"


huckntuck, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"I bought this tent for $89 (including shipping) and couldn't be happier. I used it for the first time on a several night trip on the AT and was very satisfied. During rains, I fit all my gear (and my dog) comfortably inside with room to spare. There were no problems with leaking or condensation, despite no additional waterproofing from me. Double thumbs up!"


V. Barnard, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"Bought this tent for less than a hundred dollars. Large door and vestibule.
Used for a 4 nighter, during rain and wind storm, no problems! I love the room it provides. Great product."


Trevor W. Banner, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"Roomy, lightweight, roomy, VERY little condensation during almost 12 hours of warm overnight storm. At $200+ I'd have been satisfied. At well under $100, I'm ecstatic! The only thing that keeps me from giving this tent 5 stars is the complexity of setup. Don't get me wrong, it's simple to set up, but takes a good 3 minutes to complete when you've had a little experience doing so and that can be quite a while in a "summer in the Sierra" rainstorm.
One thing that I can suggest is folding the rainfly inside-out when packing the tent. This makes quick setup a little quicker.
More than enough room inside the tent for gear (it's a long tent) and careful cooking can be accomplished inside the vestibule through the small access door.
Hey Rokk, any chance you could make that access door just a little bit larger on next year's model? I'll buy another one."


Butler, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"I've had this tent for 4 years now and it has yet to give me a single problem. Camping 10+ times every summer since I've had it, be it in the back yard with my son during heavy rain storms or up on the scenic overlook with the missus, it has held the test of time and I'm considering buying the 3 person version of the same tent. Affordable and reliable. I couldn't ask for more."


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