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Rokk Flat Iron Review

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Walkindude, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"I found this pack listed in Backpacker Mag. Gear Guide. It looked like what I wanted so I did more research at http://www.rokkgear.com/main.htm . I found mine at Acadamy Sports in Nashville.
I had to make a few modifications for me but it's a pretty comfrotable pack. Internal frame. 3600 ci. plenty of outside straps to hang stuff. One exterior pocket that holds a good bit of stuff. The hood can detach and be used as a fanny pack and even has a built in hip belt. It also has a mesh water bottle holder on the bottom of one side and a solid pocket on the other. The weight of the pack is about 3.8 pounds. Cost is about $80 to $100. It's worth the money.

I rated this as a 3 but it's more like a 3.6 of 5."


Dave, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"I make no judgements, I just offer this as information. This pack is shown in the lightweight catagory on some sites because the manufacturer lists the weight as 3.16#. A few places give it's shipping weight, which varies from 4.8# to 5.3#. I called ROKK and they said their computer had it as 2.8#. So I took my scale to a local retailer and weighed one and it was 4.8# even with most of the strap-ends touching the counter, so it's probably closer to 5#, maybe even 5.3#. Also noticed the torso length adjustment and convertable top lid/fanny pack arrangement is exactly the same as a "Ridgeway by Kelty" pack."


Jay Logan, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"Positives: Good price, resonable volume, very good water proof cover with pack. I especially like the detachable fanny pack for day hikes out of a base camp.

I find the belt still a little stiff after a year and 3-4 hundred miles.

I have done 17 miles in the West Elks with 35 pounds in this and had no undue back fatigue, so the harness is very good.

Useless little pocket on one side of pack bottom.Better to be another net pocket.

I had to move the sternum strap lower on the shoulder straps.

I had to re-locate/shorten the 'top lid' adjusters to make the lid snug on TOP of pack rather than slip off the top when pack was getting empty at the end of a week's trip.

Other than that, I would buy it again."


Jane B. Lewisville, TX, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"I have had this backpack for 4 years now. It has gone on many a trip with me and now my son who is a Boy Scout. Pros: I love the fit and comfort even when it is loaded down. The detachable top is an added bonus for when you have made base camp and want to do some hiking around during the day. I like the small pocket on the side bottom to be able to stuff the end of my tent and snug it to the pack witht the side adjusters. Cons: the bungee on top is fairly useless unless you want to tie down a light weight jacket or personal rain gear. Also wish it was hydration bladder friendly."


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