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L.L. Bean Micro Light Review

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strider, 0/0/00 User Rating:  N/A
"very good lightweight tent for three season hiking - acceptable for winter hiking if you're only dealing with rain. Rain fly provides excellent coverag for entire tent, and tent sheds wind well. All major seams sealed, but the seams around the two vents in the peak of the fly require sealing after purchase - they didn't seal the no-see-um netting edges, and rain will seep in thru the seams if they are left unsealed. Great tent for the price, 129 bucks plus shipping."


Durl, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"My wife and I just took our first back country trip with our new Micro Light (2 person). Within 30 mintues of set up we encountered a heavy night of rain, wind, and thunderstorms lasting over 6 hours. Not a drop got in and the tent was very stable without guy lines.

There were patches of snow on the ground so it was very wet. The footprint worked as promised and the floor was nice and dry as well. Once it's locked down, it doesn't move.

We brought our packs inside (my wife is 5'0') so we laid them on top of each other at her head.

Condensation was noticeable but I think unavoidable given that the temp changed from 70 to 40 degrees in 30 minutes and it was raining with snow melt on the ground. Even still it didn't get bad enough to fall on us and it dried quickly. The new rain fly is silnylon so nothing can penetrate.

It's very light and packs well in the backpack.

Negatives- not hard to set up, but not simple either. Could use a few more inches in the vestibule. It's fine for boots, not for packs.

Value- It's only $120!!! 20 more for the footprint. Given LL Bean's Reputation it is very hard to beat.

I highly recommend it."


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