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L.L. Bean All Leather Cresta Review

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dale gardner, 0/0/00 User Rating:  N/A
"one very nice boot. bought it on monday, went hiking the next sat. without a breakin period. the boots are sturdy, provide plenty of lateral support yet are flexible and molded well to my feet. much to my amazement, they left my toes with enough room to float around without getting mashed on the downhills. a recent three day hike in baxter park, maine proved their water repelency. one day of rain and two days of puddle jumping and brook crossing couldn't get my feet wet. these boots are one of the best investments i've made."


Steven A., 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"i bought these boots based off of the review by "Backpacker Magazine", and i have to say that of all the boots i've ever owned, these have to be absolutely the most comfortable. there is no break in period, and the walk in these babies are like walking in the clouds. i've hiked many miles in them, and if they ever wear out, i'll buy more. i am keeping tabs on when LL Bean may discontinue them, and when the word comes, i'm buying them out in my size. my boots have walked miles on the PCT, AT, and lived up to both extremes. you'll love this boot, it's worth your investment."


Steve Q, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"I searched far and wide (no pun intended) for a true mid-weight backpacking boot that would fit my 10.5 wide feet. I need a lot of room in the toe box and I finally found it with these. They look narrow but they feel wide! Very comfortable right out of the box w/ little or no break in before I hit the trail. Like a previous reviewer, I was concerned they might be too tight but I called the L.L.Bean "boot line" and the very courteous rep suggested I try them on the trail for a while and if I was not happy, just send them back! I have worn them for about 2 years now mainly for backpacking the A.T. in Pennsylvania, which is very rocky. The boots have held up excellent. They grip my feet well in the mid section and hold the heel in place but don't allow the toes to jam up in the front on the down-hills and I still have wiggle room in the toe box. Other good points = Very durable Vibram soles that grip good on wet rocks. High quality, made-in-Italy boot. Waterproof goretex lining (I have walked through many a stream without a seep). Unbeatable customer service & return policy. I have only 2 complaints with these boots. (1)They front toe area gets all beat up on the rocks too easily. They should put a rand up the front (2)The tongue is too short. It frequently pokes at the front of my shin/ankle and I find myself constantly trying to reposition it. Overall, a great boot for hiking rough trail with a mid-weight pack. Excellent quality for the money, too (about $160)."


solar baker, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"I bought these wonderful boots
for my husband and I to hike in N. Ca. Sierras, we both agree with all of the above
feedbacks except he has not had the tongue slip I have a bit. WE Love them and I hope no has my size so I can buy them out on sale also.
I have a new pair of ll bean knife edge coming today they
also sound high reviewed."


Chris C. Christman, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"I visited the LL Bean store in Maine, I went up to the footwear department and tried out these boots! They even have a rock climb right in the store. I bought them and right out of the box my feet felt like never before. I put them to use on the AP for a day hike they are the hiking boots I've always imagined. Out west I go up in the So. Sierra's and they do perform beyond expectations. On the PCH up hill down, my feet and legs don't complain. It's like wearing new socks every time. I now wear them every day and my feet are "HAPPY"! They do need cleaning and oiled, I have even spit shined them on occasion. I'm fixing to purchase another pair cause when ya find a winner then stick with it! My feet carry me and when their taking care of the miles of trails are behind me. HighHikerH2O in CA"


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