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By my side

by Mike (Trailpacker)

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By my side

I sit in my rocking chair, looking at fields of golden wheat
I grab my backpacking gear and head into the air so sweet
Come with me honey, it�ll be fun
She grabs her pack and she�s off like a gun

Leaves of gold, red and yellows pass out of sigh
We hold hands discussing our trip and where we�ll camp that night
Once at trailhead we prepare our packs and eat
For what is to become a day with sore feat

Each step I take, I am reminded of the weight on my back
Dreaming of the evening that will allow me to put down this pack
But I keep on trucking down over rocks and tree roots
Relishing the moment I�ll get to take off these boots

So my dear I appreciate your understanding and willingness
To join me in my favorite hobby in the wilderness
Keep by my side each day that we walk along one another
And I will promise my love for you forever

About the Author

Systems Analyst for Canadian Goverment. I been hiking for about 4 years now and becoming more and more in love with it as the days go on.


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