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A Hidden World

by Bruce Andrew Peters

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A Hidden World

Crunch, crunch grinds rock under boot, afoot we motor.

"Glimpse a secret world!" hawks the park’s promoter.

Rabbits to raccoons, big black bear, buzzards surf the air.

Deer munch green grass to entertain, that’s their care.

Cloaks a dark veil, the trees everywhere.

Dancing bears’ shadows lurk here, then there.

Their world disrupted, we most assuredly know not.

"Au contraire!" cries the cub, hiding treetop.

Freedom’s not free, that’s the rub, a bad spot.

Stones and logs neatly manicure the trail,

stray too far - your vision fails.

Stealth, sight and smarts mark the master,

he hears better, moves much faster.

A glimpse you got.

Trek the trail home, the woods not.

by: Bruce Andrew Peters, http://www.GreatWriteUp.com

About the Author

Bruce Andrew Peters is an award-winning, internationally published photojournalist. Mr. Peters delights in communing with nature. Visit: http://www.GreatWriteUp.com


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