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Nebo Pyramid Tent Review

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Nigal, 0/0/00 User Rating:  N/A
"I finally got a chance to use my new Nebo Pyramid tent this weekend. This is a copy of the Black Diamond Megamid tent. It has the same specs as the Megamid except for weight. Weather the quality is the same remains to be seen as I’ve never seen a Megamid in person. The only quality question I have about the Nebo is the stitching (it seams, pun entended, that the stitching is not as tight as a tent’s ussually is). The stakes were the heavy stainless steal crap that you get just for show and tent companies can’t possibly expect us to use. The stuff sack is waterproof and well made with straps for lashing. The centerpole is a bit on the heavy side but well made. All seams were pre-taped. The weight threw me for a loop at first. It is advertised at 3 lb.,3oz. NOT! It was closer to 3 lb.,15oz.! I planned on using my wooden hiking staff and leaving the metal pole at home so without the pole, and the stakes replaced with light aluminum ones the weight came down to 2 lb.,5 oz. Now that’s more like it! My biggest concern was of course condensation. The first night it was 25 degrees and clear. A perfect night for frost. I was downright paraniod about condensation having never used a single walled tent before, so I left the door half open all night. There was VERY little frost on the inside. Just right above my head. The second night it got down to 29 and I battened down the hatches to see how bad it would get. The next morning there was NO condensation! I am very warm blooded and a heavy breather and I was amazed. I had about 3-4” at the bottom all the way around and wore a hood/balaclavia type deal with my mouth and nose covered and I think that helped some. I am very pleased with the performance of this tent and am even more happy because it was marked down from $150 to $49."


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