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Optimus Nova+ Review

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Tim Steward, 1/9/08 User Rating: 
"First of all, I do very extensive research in everything I buy which can be a pain, but also has it's values. This stove is very well built with all the features one could ask for in a compact, lightweight stove. I've only had the stove about a year but have never had any issues with it. It lights every time, burns from simmer to boil with the twist of the hose, and packs neatly in my cook set. The quick disconnect coupling is awesome to prevent spilled fuel and the all machined aluminum construction of the pump makes for one very durable and long lasting unit. Maintenance is minor - if that - and if needed, the tool that it comes with will do everything to get it working again. The noise level of the unit is on par with other liquid fuel stoves but far quieter than the MSR Dragonfly. If I had to find a flaw in the unit, the worst possible thing I could find would be when adjusting the flame on an empty stove - it's so light that it requires the use of one hand to hold the leg of the stove so it doesn't tip over. However, in my experience, your still plenty far from the flame and if there is a pot on it then no worry. Also, when done using the stove, flipping the bottle to let the line drain out tends to twist the flame control up. Aside from that though, I'd definitely recommend this product to anyone."


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