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ALPS Mountaineering Silver Springs 20 degree Mummy Bag (long) Review

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Silver Springs 20 degree Mummy Bag (long) (1)

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Bruce Morrow, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"I purchased this bag a few years back and so far it has proven to be one great buy! I really like the Dupont Hollofil II insulation which works just as well as the more pricey (and trendy) Polargard fills. I used the bag to it's 20 degree limit and I wasn't even cold! That "old" Hollofil must really work! As for fit, I like the 34" at the shoulders. All my other mummy bags unfortunately had 32" shoulders which proved to be too narrow for my wide shoulders. The ALPS Silver Springs has just the right "cut" without sacrificing insulating performance. Plus the contoured hood is a nice feature. The only gripe I have is concerning that snaggy zipper that almost always seems to get jammed in that nylon strip that runs the lenghth of the zipper. Other than this, this bag is very good and I would highly recommend it!"


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