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Aurora (princeton tech) LED headlamp Review

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LED headlamp (4)
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Tuck, 1/6/06 User Rating: 
"When I first got this headlamp I loved it. Batteries lasted forever. I got it over the Petzel (spell?) due to being waterproof. However, the first time I had to change the batteries, something happened and it never worked again. I could not make a visual determination as to the actual problem, but it never worked again...so I have to rate it pretty low."


Steve Grimes, 11/12/03 User Rating: 
"The light is great, but the switch is terrible. It has a small rubber push button, that can come off. Under the button is a very small but critical plastic part that falls out if/when the rubber button falls off. Never depend on this light. "


Steve, 10/5/03 User Rating: 
"Great light. This is now the only light I use--besides the Scout version (2 LEDs, ultra-ultra light). Blinking mode is handy when hiking back to a camp at night--leave one in the camp facing the expected return direction. Batteries last a long time and never a worry that a bulb will fail/burnout. If we had Lithium AAA batteries this would make the ultimate light.


caddis, 7/29/03 User Rating: 
"everyone should swtch to LED lights for backpacking. dependable (batteries will last all year and LED don't blow out!) The Aurora is cheaper then the petzel and had 3 light ranges (hi,med,lo) plus 2 blinkers. the zipka has just on/off "


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