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limmer boot co. limmer standard Review

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bob w., 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"the limmer boot co.says that the limmer standard is equal in quality to the limmer custom. yet they have removed three items from the standard.#1 screwed on outer sole #2 steel shank #3leather fiberboard mid sole how does this square with there statement that the boot is equal in quality to the custom since they still use these three items in the customs. it says that they think these three items are still superior what happend to equal quality.the boot is still good quality and i amm purchasing a pair from ragged mountaim.lets face it this is cost cutting and any time you have this quality will suffer. bob"


David Dobler, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"Growing up in New England in the 60's, Peter Limmer was already iconic. I couldn't afford custom boots on my paper-route earnings, so I hiked on the cheap, then made due with Lowa's, and waited.

When Limmer production boots became avaiable, I pounced. I've lived, worked, climbed and hunted in rural Alaska since 1980, and my Limmer standards and lightweights have been wonderful boots. This summer I finally got my custom standards--rather extravegant because my production standards still have a decade to go.

There is nothing like a custom fit, but neither is there any reason to downgrade the production boots. All three rate 5 stars, and you won't find anything close in quality and design."


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