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K-Cliffs, Ok-buy-buy K-Cliffs Harvest Backpack Review

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K-Cliffs Harvest Backpack (1)
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Rob Biehl, 0/0/00 User Rating: 
"At first this may seem like a great deal for someone looking to start backpacking without much of a investment. Nice features, decent looking material, pockets, rain cover, internal stays and a great price, $65 at my door new. Words of advice, if someone is just trying backpacking this pack will make them hate it. These packs can be found on ebay and such other websites for around $50 and up and do not make good gifts unless you hate the person. This particular model is a monster at a claimed 7000ci. You are very lucky if you fit 4500 in it without breaking every seam, zipper, and a material that is supposedly codura nylon. I loaded this pack for a friend to try the trail with. It weighed about 45 pounds including pack and before we got the pack to the car the waist belt ripped completely off at the stitching and the top load adjusters could not be kept from slipping without putting knots in the webbing. It gets worse. Only going on a short weekender with minimal terrain, and much discretion, the pack goes along with us, even with a repaired waist belt. The pack made it through the first few miles with no dilemas then it was apparent that it is a very bad idea to take a low cost pack. One good thing about this pack is the the ability adjust it to fit many torso sizes with 6 inches of adjustment. One problem, this pack could not be properly adjusted to be even remotely comfortable, even with half of the load taken out. The main straps started to tear about 4 miles into the trail and about 2 miles later totally gave out. It would have been in a campfire but I would hate to pollute the lovely planet with this waste. This pack is not trail worthy. Buyer beware. I do not know how anyone could sell such a low quality pack. This is a cheap chinese rip-off. Not even worth it for a buddy as he will most likely be miserable with the curse you just bestowed him. This pack made it through the trip after about 4 repairs to seams and duct tape instead of zippers and went straight in the trash. The company offers a warranty on the pack but was impossible to get a hold of unless you plan your next backcountry trip in China. Do not waste you money on this pack or any pack made by this company. Stick to reliable brands and don't cut shortcuts when it comes to important gear like your pack even if you are new to our sport. You have been warned."


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