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beginners - goretex

Yes this is a great invention for the camping world, but you can get a little "gore-happy". I will first explain what Gore-Tex is. There are millions of tiny holes in gore-tex which are small enough to keep liquid water from entering the hole, but big enough for water vapor to escape through the holes. This lets water from wet clothes or sweat to go through the fabric without water from the outside getting in.

One big misconception about gore-tex is that it is a fabric: wrong. It is a thin membrane that coats the fabric making the fabric "breathable". Gore-tex is only one breatheable system on the market; there are many other brands out there at a cheaper price.

As to going "gore-happy", in my opinion, you don't need gore-tex boots and gloves. No matter what I do, my feet will still sweat and if you treat your boots correctly they will be waterproof. So don't be swindled by salesmen saying "gore-tex" and expecting you to swoon. I suggest breathable jackets, maybe pants and possibly a hat. That is just my opinion from what I have heard and from my experiences.



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