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just bought my first

by joshua

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I am a college student who is moving from place to place, every month it seems. I just bought my first tent and am also slowly accumulating other gear. (slowly, due to college debt) When i tell my friends that i just bought my first home they laugh because i am holding it in a stuff sack. That is fine with me though!! There is no feeling like having everything you need on your back! Anyone who has backpacked can back me on that one. At a time in my life when i do not know where i will be living next month, it is nice to know that any weekend i can just take a trip, set up camp, and for at least a couple of days, have a home.Thanks to the makers of this site, i am planning my first "real" camping trip,(I say real because all the other times i have used my big brothers gear, thanks joel) and this site is a great help!!! HIKE ON!!!

About the Author

College student accepting any gear that anyone is getting rid of, seriously! email me. j_ronschke@yahoo.com I'll pay for shipping. Very eager to get out on the trail!!!


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