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Tub Mill Run, Timber Slides and Shelter Rocks trai

Hike Name: Tub Mill Run, Timber Slides and Shelter Rocks trai
Location: southwest PA
Length: 8 round trip
Submitted by: Michael Palm
Date Submitted: 0/0/00

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Located in the MT. Davis Natural Area the hike begins with a little rise then crosses into a grove of hemlock, which is always beautiful no matter what season. Once you cross a creek you follow an old timbering road for about ¾ of a mile then the trail veers off to the left through a few rock formations and passes an old abandoned ice cream truck (Not a bad shelter in case of bad weather.) Then begins the most difficult part of the hike, a mile long ascent to a dirt service road. Along the way, about ¾ of a mile into the ascent, you'll have a choice of staying on Tub Mill Run trail or switching to Timber Slides trail, which will in turn take you to Shelter Rocks trail and on to the summit. Although both ways are about the same distance to the summit, I choose the latter simply for Shelter Rocks, which are a formation of square boulders that from a distance look like a group of small houses or "shelters". Once you've made it to the service road stop off at Wolf's Spring and if it's warm enough soak your feet in the cool mountain water or simply take a load off and listen to the sounds of nature.
Follow the service road West for about ¼ mile and get on Shelter Rocks trail. You're only about a mile from the summit. Hike about ½ mile to Shelter Rocks climb among the boulders or grab a spot on top and have lunch, that is of course if you're not waiting to get to the summit to snack.
Another ¼ mile you pass though an eerie but breathtaking section of the forest that was burned a few years ago. A few hundred yards further and you're on the summit. (Mt. Davis summit 3,213, highest point in PA.)

Directions to Hike
From Pittsburgh take Rt. 51 South about 50 miles to Rt. 40 East. Head into the mountains staying on Rt. 40 for about 30 miles until Rt. 523 North. After about a mile follow the Mt. Davis sign that points left onto a back road and follow the signs for about 10 miles and make a right at the sign that points to the summit of Mt. Davis. Instead of making a left at a sign that says "Mt. Davis Highest Point" veer right onto a gravel road. You'll pass a scenic view of High Point Lake (on your right) and make the first left. Follow this road down for about five miles. You'll cross two metal grate bridges on the way. Just before the second bridge and the bottom of the mountain is the sign for the trail. Find a pull off and begin.

Contact Information
PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
(717)787-4250 or 1-888-PA-PARKS
Website: www.dcnr.state.pa.us

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