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Palomar/ Lower Doane Valley

Hike Name: Palomar/ Lower Doane Valley
Location: southwest CA
Length: 2.5
Submitted by: Nic Risser
Date Submitted: 0/0/00

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This is a civil, extremely well-maintained, city folks trail but the surroundings (ponderosa pines, large, open prairies, woodpeckers) make it worthwhile if you happen to be on the mountain. The real treat is at trail end (Pauma Creek) and beyond for hikers/fisherpeople. Small but edible trout are stocked &, if you climb over enough boulders, you can really get away from it all. The boulder hopping can get a bit treacherous but that's where the fun really begins. Take a cell phone or whistle should be get stuck & need rescue--it happens regularly.

Directions to Hike
Head toward the Palomar Mtn State Park Office on S7 (not the observatory on S6) where you'll get a free map to show you the short route to Doane Pond. Park there, the trailhead is to the northwest (the pond will be to your back & left). The trail's extremely well marked until you hit the stream.

Contact Information
Palomar Mountain State Park
Palomar Mtn, CA 92060

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