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appalachian trail database - hiking trails

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From KatahdinLocationFrom Springer
218.2 Piazza Rock Lean-to
Next Shelters: 8.9 North, 11.2 South
220.0 Rangeley, Maine - Miles off AT: 9.0
Next Shelters: 1.8 North, 18.4 South
229.4 Sabbath Day Pond Lean-to
Next Shelters: 11.2 North, 8.3 South
233.1 Oquossoc, Maine - Miles off AT: 11.0
Next Shelters: 14.7 North, 15.6 South
237.7 Bemis Mountain Lean-to
Next Shelters: 8.3 North, 128.0 South
250.5 Hall Mountain Lean-to
Next Shelters: 12.8 North, 10.5 South
256.5 Andover, Maine - Miles off AT: 8.0
Next Shelters: 14.0 North, 12.5 South
261.0 Frye Notch Lean-to
Next Shelters: 10.5 North, 3.5 South
264.5 Baldpate Lean-to
Next Shelters: 3.5 North, 6.9 South
From KatahdinLocationFrom Springer
  Total Mileage *: 46.3  
* this mileage does not include side trails leading to and from shelters

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The Appalachian Trail Database is produced in conjunction with the Appalachian Trail Conference. All mileages are taken from the "Appalachian Trail: Workbook for Planning Thru-hikes", © 2000, Appalachian Trail Conference, all rights reserved. For more detailed guide books on the AT, please visit the Ultimate Trail Store. The AT Diamond is a registered service mark of the Appalachian Trail Conference.



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